Ok. I'm being nice here for a minute, but only because I know who has the thumbs that open my Stinky Goodness most of the time. The Woman has a new blog venture and she wants to share it with the world, which might be a good thing since she's not actually writing the entries. It's called Dear So And So... and it's a place for people to send the letters they would like to write but can't really send to the people they mean them for (yeah, that's people logic for you.) She doesn't know how to promote very well, so basically I'm doing it. Go peek. We might learn thing sabout the humans in our lives. Oh, and if you let your people go there, tell them to scroll down to Dear Sean, it's the letter that really started it all, but they might need Kleenex while they read it.

I was going to write a letter for it but she said it's a serious blog, and obviously I'm not serious enough for her. When she said that I seriously leaned back, hiked a serious leg up, and seriously had myself a nice after dinner mint.


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