Posted by Max | Posted on 5/02/2019 10:59:00 AM

I have a tendency to push food off my plate when I'm eating, so the people started putting it in a little bowl.

I did not like that.

So they went out and bought ten pasta bowls, thinking that it was close enough to a plate, but a lot bigger than my little plate, so my food would not go all over the place.

I did not like that.

So now we're back to my little plates, which I like, and they get to stand there while I eat so someone can push food away from the edge and into a neat little, easy to grab with my mouth pile, 4-5 times until I'm done eating.

I eat 5-6 times a day now.

They are not happy.

I like that.

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Oh Max! Your humans are always so happy to make life easier for you! Why don't you make them bring your food to you while you lay in your beddy?

dood...yur staff iz traned well, veree veree....well ;) ☺☺♥♥

Mum lets me use the saucers from her good dishes.

My mom uses a small mat under my bowl
so she can shake it outdoors when I have finished eating. We both win - I get to make a mess and the carpet stays clean(ish).

We use beautiful stoneware bowls for our cats and of course change them every day. One gobbles her food and barfs it up in a neat pile right back in the bowl, thus saving my carpet. Very considerate of her. When we forgot our daughter's dog, she checks the cats good bowls and eats the food and the barf. Eck!

We like small bowls too. But ours have slightly higher sides, so our food doesnt get pushed out. And they are set in larger bowls cuz Iza bats them around otherwise. Do you like the 5-6 meal a day schedule? We love it...

Have you tried eating from one of those human "big sized muffin" deep metal tin thingys, with your ration either all in one hole or spread out? You can even train your staff to put different types of food into each hole, by giving them that your "is that the best food you can offer" look on the days you know you deserve better when they place your "dinner tray" in front of you.

We posted a picture and description of our food bowls...