Posted by Max | Posted on 12/10/2018 07:48:00 PM

Okay, so it was the Grandma, the Younger Human, and his Much Better Half...but still, people. AND THEY TOUCHED ME.

I mean, look at this. We were, like, NOSE TO NOSE for a minute there.

Dood, she's gonna try to kiss me, isn't she? I can feel it coming.

Well, if she's gonna kiss me, we might wanna try it as the French do, eh?

(Yeah, I dunno, I guess she didn't want to. Go figure.)

And Buddah's all, Dood, I dunno what your problem is. This is awesome. 

Oh, he was a total suck up tonight, being all nice and not bitey, making himself seem like a perfectly normal and almost affectionate kitty.

I wasn't totally anti-social. I did come out to see if there was food and if it was something I wanted. And I did allow my personal space to be invaded, because I like the Grandma and the Younger Human and his Much Better Half. And I didn't try to hit her face the way I did the younger Human's that one time...

They need to come back more often. I like it when Buddah's nice, and there was pizza. If there was pizza once, there will surely be pizza again.

Maybe next time I'll get that kiss.

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Ohh, won't your wife-to-be Doctor Who get upset?

Oh Max! Your face in that second photo made me laugh.

Max, you are hilarious! You and Angel would get along totally ignoring each other!

Oh Dio! Aren't kisses the absolute worst?!!!! Sometimes when I'm playing wild jag-u-lar my mommie picks me up and kisses me all over my face. EW! Like how can I be a wild jag-u-lar with kisses on my face!???!!!

Max! Your reputation is almost ruined! How could you let that happen??

Wow, Max, are you getting to be an old softy in your old age?

Max, we think you pawed the situation quite well! Nosie touches are quite proper (humans seldom get those right). The kissies must be tolerated, though, like Gramma hugs and sticky-bein grabs.

But think about it, isnt it good ta have Buddah around fer SOME of that stuff?

C'mon Max! If she wants to liss you then KISS HER! You are still an awesome looker of a cat so mesmorize her off her little feet!!!!

Well, it goes to show ya that the fire in his furnace is still roaring even with snow in the ears! ☺

Max,there will always be a next time. A handsome kitty like you just melts the ladies! You are still Mr. Awesome to me! ☺