Posted by Max | Posted on 11/14/2017 03:46:00 PM

It's that time of year. The time I am abandoned while the Woman goes somewhere and walks for boobies. This year she's taking the Man along with her, and forcing him to walk alongside her. I mean, he LIKE boobies--who doesn't--but it seems a little mean to me. He could be staying home and catering to my every whim, but noooo.

It really sucks because we've been writing and I've coughed up a good story and I want to work on it, but she's taking the typing fingers with her.

Just because these pictures make me LOL

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Good for the Woman and the Man! But who's catering to you? We hope it's not that damn dog Butters.

P.S. We're amused by those pictures too!

TBT here: If ya love boobies, ya gotta do what ya have to do support them. *coff, coff*

dood; best fishes two mom & dad on ther walk lee awesum that they R doin thiz.....

now that they R outta de houz ~~~~~~~ !!!

let de partay bee gin ~~~~~~ ♫♪☺☺

They will be home soon and too tired to go anywhere else. So then they can cater to your every whim.