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Posted by Max | Posted on 9/26/2016 05:53:00 PM

I can't think of any other reason for forgetting to do my Ask Max Monday column last week. We've been working a lot, some days spending 12+ hours writing, but I didn't think it was making me forget what day or even what week it is, though. Seriously, if you had asked me a couple of days ago where the column was, I'd have sworn I uploaded it.

This week's is there, though.

Last night we finished working a little early so the Woman decided to go to bed at a normal-people hour. She was almost asleep, but a noise outside startled her, so she was wide awake. And it happened again... =this= close to being asleep, and then =bam= a noise outside. So she gave up, got out of bed for a few minutes, and waited until she was good and sleepy to go back to bed.

Lookit that face. Who can be made at that?
Now, I have a habit of talking to her at intervals during the night, so she closed the door, hoping for some peace and quiet. This was about 2:30, and by 3:30 she was finally asleep.

Good for her, right?

Well, I thought so, too, and at 4:40 I crept out from where I'd been hiding under the bed and was going to congratulate her on a solid hour of sleep, but when I jumped onto the bed near her head, she kinda lost her chit and had a little bit of a pretend heart attack.'s not my fault she didn't check under the bed before she closed the door.

And it's not my fault she's so delicate that she has sleeping issues.

I was gonna be NICE, dammit, and all it got me was kicked out of the bedroom.

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Aaaw Max! Your are such a good boy and only trying to be kind. If I had been at your house, I would have left my door open and you could have slept with me! Head scritches to you and lots of love!

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SO unappreciative!

Hey, you were just trying to help her blood flow.. she should be appreciative..

Way to keep her heart going. A little extra cardio for her.

Max, our pawtographed copy of TEoSF arrived today, and thank you. That's really quick; we thought your supply problems might cause a delay. But that would have been OK, because your pawprint made it special . . . can't wait for the sequel!

Max, if the hiding unner the bed was delibrate, HURRAY, good planning.

She wanted to sleep the 'whole' night?

Mindy & Mike

Speaking of your Ask Max Monday columns, it looks like it's getting hit with a lot of spam. 144 comments on one recent article and 58 on another. It makes me nervous just to open at all. Is someone taking a look at this to prevent this?

I don't run Mousebreath, I just write for them. As far as I can tell, they're catching the spam--I usually only see one or two when I go on. But really, since it's not my magazine, there's nothing I can do--but th owner is spiffy, so an email to her might help.