Ok so this is what happened

Posted by Buddah | Posted on 12/11/2015 06:50:00 PM

Oh oh oh I bet you forgot that Max said I could post things on his blog and sometimes I think he wants me to forget about it too, but then the Grandma came last week and stayed with us for a few days while the Mom and the Dad went somewhere to have fun without us, and there's this kitty that comes to visit me a lot by running up to the door and then the window and we play Chase for a little while and one day I was on the bookcase in the library and the kitty came (I think it's a girl?) and we chased a little bit and then she left but she came back a few minutes later and she had a bird!

Guys she didn't even eat the bird, she just put it down on the mat that's under the window because the Mom and the Dad got a better one for the front door or they were cleaning it or something, I forgot what, but now it's under the window I look out when I'm on the medium sized bookcase, and she left it there! She gave me a present!  I can't go outside to get it but I think it was very nice of her to bring me a bird without taking even a single bite but Mx says she wasn't being nice, she was feeling sorry for me because I clearly don't look like I can hunt very well and she wanted to be sure I didn't starve, but you know what?

It's still nice because even if she thinks I can't hunt she doesn't want me to die because of not eating, so I think she kinda likes me so that means I have a girlfriend, right?

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You TOTALLY have a girlfriend!!

Oh, Buddah, you is so lucky! How nice to haff a ladycat friend who brings you presents! (Max is *totally* wrong. She is courting you acause she wants you to like her!) Concatulations.

That is um so sweet of her. I am sure her intentions were beautiful. Max is just being Max, but I bet inside he is glad for you!

I would say yes. You da mancat!

I would say yes. You da mancat!

You have a girlfriend now, Buddah buddy! When she comes back make sure that you give herbacsweet kitty look and a loving meow. Girl kitties really love mancats that purrrr when they come around! Yep, she has love for you, handsome mancat!

Yes, you do have a girlfriend. Sort of like my Onyx next door. It's kinda fun to make moony eyes and stuff when there's no possible way you're going to produce kittens or have to explain yourself when you forget your anniversary or Valentine's Day.

But I think Grandma or whoever should go out there and bring you back that bird.

How awesome that you got a gift! That is more than any of the kitties that live around here have ever given me - they are more likely to steal some of my nip!

Sounds to me that she likes you a lot to bring you a real live dead bird. Maybe she was hoping you could get out to thank her.

Oh yeah...she definitely likes you.

Buddah, that was TOTALLY a gift. I think Max is just jealous is all to tell you such a royal fib.

You DO have a girlfriend! Max is just jealous!