Wow, it's almost Friday already. This week went by awfully fast. In fact, I think I missed a day or two because it seems like it should only be Wednesday.

But, at least it went by fast because we were busy. We finally got the Woman to sit down and help draw pictures for my next book. Buddah even tried to help, which meant we threw away a lot of paper, but at least he tried.

I think we've got it 80% written. And drawn. I have some really sweet drawings that don't have anything written down about them yet, so this weekend we're going to pin the Woman down and make her help us with that, too.

At one point "marketing" was mentioned, but then the Woman went into shock, and curled up in a ball on the floor and started twitching and sniffing...so I'm pretty sure she doesn't like that part of the whole thing and is going to avoid it.

She needs to get with it, though, because if she can do it then I can sell 50,000 or 100 books, and buy a house, and maybe I'll let the people live there, too.


Oh! Oh! Oh! Look what Max from Crew's Views gave me!

WooHoo! Thanks!

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