I Be Smokin'...

Rocky from Artsy Catsy gifted me with a Rockin Boy Blogger Award. Ooh yeah, I be cool...

I had a hard time coming up with 5 boy bloggers to also give it to. Not 'cause there aren't 5 awesome boy bloggers out there but because there are ALOT of awesome boy bloggers out there and it's HARD to pick just five. So, since I'm like twice the man a cat normally is, I figured Hey! I get to pick 10! I'm still gonna be leaving some awesomeness out, but I'm not sure my ego is big enough to say I'm 3 times the man-kitty as the rest of the world. Heh.

Timothy Dickens was one of the first cat bloggers I found. I'd been blogging for a long time and it felt very lonely in the blogosphere without other cats to talk to. He also convinced me to stop saying bad words. I still THINK them, but I'm more careful about saying them.

William was another one of the first I found. I revel in his awesome capacity for destroying things. I can only hope to some day have his Mad Skillz.

Oreo is supercool. AND he was one of the first to spot Vishus Deer! He also kinda looks like my twin,. so he gets cool points for that.

Edsel confused me for a while 'because I couldn't wrap my brain around a kitty being called "The Pooch." I learned about the existence of Tuxedo Bears from him! Bears that look like they're related to us!

Jinky doesn't blog as much as he used to, but I always look forward to his patrol reports. He's super observant and keeps Catifornia safe.

Skeezix just makes me laugh, sometimes so hard the Stinky Goodness I ate an hour before threatens to squirt out my nose. He tells a good story and really should become a Famous Author. Or maybe just a Famous Writer. Famous Authors have to stick their little pinky out when they drink, and I don't think he has one.

Dragonheart is the first kitty without fur that I've ever seen. He lives in Germany, and the Woman used to live there when she was little and tells me about it sometimes. He's wicked cool looking AND International. I think that plus being his family being Canadian gets him, like, 3 extra cool points.

Derby says he's sassy, but really he's just a very nice kitty who lives in a place called Whiskonsin. He's surrounded by cows out there, but that's not so bad since the cows give the milk that makes cheese, and cheese is a very tasty product.

Scooby, Shaggy, & Scout have to share a blog, so I'm cheating and naming all three of them at once. Scooby and Shaggy know what my life is like because they had to learn to live with a kitten (Scout) just like I had to learn to live with Buddah Pest. They've always been much nicer to Scout than I am to Buddah.

Luxor makes the Woman squeal. She thinks he is adorable and loves to see pictures of him. I just think he's pretty cool and I make sure I always at least peek in on him every day.

OK...that's ten. But there's one more...I want to award a posthumous Rocking Boy Blogger to Purrsident Larry. Larry was a wicked cool cat, and managed his purrsidental duties even when he was fighting diabetes and looking over the other kitties in his home. I'm glad I got to meet Larry online and I'm gonna remember him forever.

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