Last night after everyone had gone to bed I sat on the table and looked out the backdoor, and it was really bright out there, even though it was after midnight. And when it's nice and bright out there and I can see the stars or even the people next door walking around nekkid in their house, it just makes me want to sing.

But the Woman is not appreciative of my talents, and kept getting up to see if something was wrong. She crept down the hall and peeked into the back yard to see if someone was back there making me upset, then skritched the top of my head and said there was nothing out there when I already knew that.

So she went back to bed, and I waited 30 minutes--I counted, 1,2,3,4,5,22,27,30--and started to sing again. So she got back up and said "there's still nothing out there, Max," and I sighed really hard because she just didn't get it, and jumped down to the floor while she went back to bed.

The next time I started singing I heard her mutter "Will you shut up already?" but she didn't get up, so I got to finish my song in peace. And it was one of my finer performances, with howling and yowling.

If she would just appreciate my talent and record me singing, I bet we could turn it into a CD and make a buttload of money.

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