Even drugged and looped to the proverbial gills, I'm still the king. The People shoved this pill down my throat this morning, and I got all warm and fuzzy and quite relaxed...but then the Man took me to the stabby place. Drugged or not, I still fought hard and pooped all over everything.

The bald guy asked the Man to leave me there for a while so he could give me a shot to make me even more loopy. I was all for that. But then he decided I was loopy enough, and before I realized what he was doing he stabbed me in the leg and got my blood anyway. And THEN someone BATHED me. Like I can't do that myself! They only washed my butt off, but still...

I would hope the People realize that I feel just fine. I think I proved that with a lot of toothy growling and biting and pooping at the stabby place. There's no need to take me back.

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You are still the POOP KING! Long live the poop king :) Hope you're feeling better soon and that you don't need to go to the stabby place for a really really long time.

Max, if humans are cleaning poop off YOUR tail, who's in charge? The POOP KING!